P50K - 1st Edition

1. 1st Edition Participation List
Starter of 1st edition as below

Nick Phillips

Zg Zakaria
Eng Chun Keat
Mohd Fakhrulrazi Bin Omar
Chin Han Keong
Khairul Anuar
Foo Yong Kum
Wong Choi Yuen
Wong Kim Tham
Siti Rugayah Ghazali
Nur Muhammad Izzat Bin Osman
Sam Eng Sun
Muhamad Ibrahim Bin Mahmod
Yim Heng Fatt
Jeff Ooi
Lady Gaga
Emelie Forsberg
Nenek Gaga
Muhammad Musaddiq Bin Samsudin

2. Special Thanks
Special thanks to:

- Sponsorship

   * LKW Frozen Sdn Bhd for drinking water.
   * KShop Solution for sponge, printing and ice.
   * Suzie from Pink Runners for Nasi Lemak.
   * Mikael Zinov Hardware for paku and all hardware.

- All participant (hope you guys having fun)

- All volunteers 
  * Marlina, Zaini and son
  * Nannoo and the kids
  * Team PACat Junior 

- All Sabun guy and fellow runners who come to support. 

- Jeff Oii from Ultra Running - Malaysia for FB cover.
- Nick, Marlina, Ray for blog cover.
- Penonton, SportHub, Carirunner, LYN Runner, Chap Ayam, Kuching Runner United for event cover in blog and group. 
- Any personal people or group (FB, Blog, etc) for any cover related (good or bad review).

3. Statistic

- Total registration: 41
- Starter: 19
- Total dnf: 4
- Fastest time: 04:58 hours
- Last runner time: 08:52 hours
- Highest temp: 37' Celsius
- Youngest participant: 24 years old
- Oldest participant: 56 years old

4. Things that maybe we not realize about P50K

- We have few 1st timer in 50KM distance and average of them manage to finish the game in cutoff time - We have 2 ultra race director with us running this game - We have few senior and super ultra runner run with us in Putrajaya 50KM - 1st runner reach the finishing in 4 hours 58 minutes and last runner at 8 hours 52 minutes - We have 1 minimalist runners with Vibram - We found few strong runners which can be polish to be podium ultra runner - There is 100 meter stairs for runners to handle at 500 meter from the finishing line. - We use 10 bags of big ice to cater for everyone in this game - We have recovery station with ice bath and recovery drink + nasi lemak - We have coke at all water station except water station 4. - We have sponge at all water station except water station 4. - The higher temperature recorded is 37' - We have Chicken Exit at 34 KM (DNF point).. this to encourage newbies to go up to this distance. - We have marshal on bike.. - We open the registration until the morning before we start the game.. - We have "finisher-t" as a token and its free size - This is only LSD

5. Photo

Pacat FB Page
Marlina FB

6. Blog Review

7. Next Putrajaya 50KM Tentative: End of Feb 2014 (registration will open early January 2014) To make this game better, we are open for any suggestion and comment. Do drop us an email at teampacatadventure@gmail.com